Please remove the Nix Collection button 'advert' from PhotoLab

I appreciate that DxO needs to promote the Nix Collection, but for those of us who don’t plan to buy it, having the Nix Collection button embedded in PhotoLab as a permanent advert is not useful. Please could this be changed so that the button only appears if the software is installed.



I fail to understand where the “usefulness problem” is…

A basic UI design principle is to present only those things to the user that are useful. The button is only useful for those of have the Nix Collection installed. For those that don’t, it’s an advert.


I agree it right place is with the export options which it is or as said not at all if you don’t have NIK. The DXO film view etc don’t have big adverts or anything if you don’t have them so why NIK.

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Bel exemple de tétratrichotomie :thinking:

DXO Team - please leave it where it is and don’t waste valuable programming time on issues like this. Please spend the time on:

  • optimizing speed for DPL
  • adding camera/lens modules
  • adding new functions which add value

If all this is done then worry about the placement of buttons


The button is greyed out, signalling that the function is unavailable. One might say that if DPL can find out that NIK is not installed, one might as well hide it completely…

For consistency’s sake, it would be nice to be able to engage NIK with a right-click or from the Export button and leave the bolted-on button go for good.

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I’m a Nik owner and I find the dedicated button very useful.That said, there should be a preference to hide it completely for those who do not have Nik and do not intend to buy it.


I’m largely undecided on this. The button presence bugs me and doesn’t bug me. I was surprised to see Flickr in the product when I purchased v1. To me, Flickr is like PhotoBucket, so early 2000’s and passe. Right up there with Yahoo Photos. For me Flickr is a service that “never really caught on”. I guess however, it did for some. Google Groups is another one, but thank goodness they pulled it.

Personally, I don’t need a button for something I don’t own or isn’t integrated into my product. Do I want it to be removed over getting other enhancements or features (Sigi’s point), probably not, but I could live without it.

Admittedly, I was confused and conflicted after NIK v2 was announced. Need Lightroom, don’t need Lightroom. Integrated, not really integrated, but all will run as standalone apps. When it supports RAW, and I can launch it with a button press, or by selecting a “Export To Application” in RAW without conversion, I’ll buy it.

Doing a core conversion of the RAW in the PhotoLab and then finishing the job in Nik can be very effective, depending on the module you choose. The analogue and BW finishing available in Nik are far more persuasive and impressive than what’s available in even FilmPack 5 (which is quite a decent representative of the genre). Again, though, Nik shines on Fine Art work. It’s too much overhead to be really useful for personal/family/events/volume work of any kind.

Now that it’s easier to get at Nik and it’s running a bit more smoothly I’ll be using Nik on many of my portfolio photos for final finishing.

That’s a good point. My use of PL is for hobby, not to put food on my table. I am still passionate about my pictures and understand peoples unhappiness with the cost of NIK2.

Conversely, I feel for DxO as a developer. I know (from experience) what goes in to development from a blood, sweat and tears standpoint.

I guess it comes down to adjusting your workflow. 6 months from now, my perspective could change, but I would still like to see better integration. However, your point regarding NIK as being a fine art tool is absolutely true.


Actually Flicker is still immensely popular even though you may think it’s passe.


Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug, which is beginning to make long-needed improvements.

SmugMug improved themselves into me cancelling my account with them after they broke every URL on every photo and gallery in my at the time at least decade old portfolio about five years ago. Do not necessarily expect to like or even recognise the “new improved” Flickr.

I agree to cancel this button if we don’t have them.
Why not add all greyed buttons for all unavailable functions ?. It’s crasy !!!


I’d agree. And as there is space on the screen why no unhide the %-size and 1:1 Buttons from this little triangle dxo
I think this might be due to limited width of my Monitor but it is anoying. Could be a good idea due let the users sort of configure configure which buttons to appear. Thanks

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I agree with you although I also understand it from DXO’s point of view. This feature rightly should have been added as an additional choice to the Export To drop down menu. However, since DXO is now marketing PhototLab Essential as an integral part of the Nik Collection they wanted to demonstrate that integration by having a dedicated and highly visible button. However, if the Nik Collection is not installed that button should be, at least, greyed out in both the Essential and Elite version or removable in the more configurable Elite version. For some keeping the button may be desirable because I understand it recognizes the original Google Nik Collection if its installed.


If you don’t have view point or film pack, those option are greyed out, they should just do the same with that Nik button.

If you call deleting hundreds of millions of images on non-subscription accounts and doubling the cost of subscription improvements - lol.

On the NIK button - I would rather it wasn’t there if NIK isn’t installed.

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My understanding is that button works to open the Nik collection for use. I have the Nik collection and it opens a menu to load one of the tools. I see nothing wrong with that.