Please NIK, do not delete EXIF information

According to @Photoman43 observation Nik Collection deletes the field Lens Model from EXIF.

I checked and confirm that it’s been deleted since Google version.

It deletes also White Balance Details and Flash Bias fields, at least.

So, my request is to preserve intact all EXIF information when processing with any Nik Collection Plugin, except for the field Software of course.

The Author field is also rewritten: whatever’s there when the image is sent to Nik gets encapsulated in quotes with a lot of trailing blank spaces when Nik saves your work.

This has been reported to DxO before. I reported it again on Friday: the latest Nik Collection 4.2 release notes say that the tools no longer delete EXIF information, but this is obviously not true.

Everyone, please vote for this! :grin:


I voted Greg.

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