Please let us know if you are working on Apple Silicon (M1....) versions of the Nik Filters. Can you give us a timeline or should we just move on?

None of the filters have worked with Photoshop since Apple switched over to the new chip base. Many have asked about getting this fixed, but we have not gotten any feedback from DXO.

These are excellent filters that were used by many photographers. Please tell us if you will fix this problem or should we just give up hope?

What are the versions of macOS, Photoshop and Nik you use?

Nik Apps come as Intel or Universal apps. The apps with the redesigned interface are Intel and need Rosetta to work.

Depending on which version of Photoshop you use, you need to run it on Rosetta. The switch for Rosetta can be found if you ctrl-click on the PS icon and select “get info”.

I am on an M1 iMac with Photoshop running in Universal mode and I can call the NIK 5 filters even if they are Intel only. I have Rosetta installed.

I suspect that DxO have updated the actual plugins to Universal apps that can call Intel applications, Topaz did the same in the early days of Apple Silicon before they converted the full applications to Universal.

Why DxO have released new versions of the filters and gone back to Intel only is anyone’s guess!

All are the latest versions.

MacOS 12.4 Monterey
Photoshop 23.4.2
Nik 4

Thanks for the work around, but Photoshop runs slower in Rosetta mode. What is the point of spending all that money on a new, faster computer if I have to handicap it by running a simulated versions of Photoshop just to get the plug ins to work?

Will/Is DXO working on Apple silicon native versions of the Nik Filters? Many photographers use Macs for their work and Nik filter have to run on the new hardware or they will die.

I’m sorry but I gave up waiting for DXO for the native version for apple silicon. This is an unacceptable gap for a product with a rather expensive license.
I am looking for alternatives for NIK Collection and Film Pack… because they don’t answer to customers asking about roadmap to be ready to work native ( no rosetta ) as photoshop plugin.

Nik Collection version 6 can work on Apple Silicon Macs without Rosetta.