PLEASE HELP... totally confused!

I was used to Capture NX2 and after switching to CATALINA (I’m a Mac user) it became useless, so no more CONTROL POINTS! I found my way to DXO and two weeks ago I purchased NIK Collection 2 + Photo lab 2 essential. I understood that NIK Collection 2 is a plug in, so I installed it on Photoshop CC. I found out that Viveza was in the filters tab and for a few days it worked (I was already on Catalina). All of a sudden, I cannot move the control points around or change the diameter of the circle. Three days ago, I contacted DXO support and I hope to get a reply at some point. Should I upgrade to Photolab3 or Photolab3 Elite? Are those plug ins that I can use with Photoshop CC or standalones? Thanks for your help… Keep in mind that what really matters for me is the U-POINT control points.

Hello Chris,
now I can not help you in regards to Photoshop because I do not use it.

  • upgrading to Elite should not change anything in regards to your problems with NIK
  • NIk collection works as standalone - look in your applications folder they should be a folder called Nik collection
  • the Nik collection works also as plugin in i.e Photoshop or Affinity Photo.
  • the U-point technology is already built-into DPL - see under local corrections.



The last update of PL2 should support Catalina as it is already discussed in another thread.

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Thank you Mike, I had seen other threads before calling for help. My case was a bit different, because - in spite of Catalina - the Viveza 2.3 plug in worked fine initially with Photoshop CC… but all of a sudden, I wasn’t able to move the control points or change their size. I decided to uninstall not just NIK but also Photoshop (now PS 2020 instead of CC) to solve my issue. I wish NIK customer support was accessible via telephone.

Merci Sigi, I managed to solve my problem, which might have had to do with Catalina… Tired of waiting for a reply from DXO (which took 3 days and was not helpful), I took the bull by the horns. First, I uninstalled and reinstalled Nik Collection 2 - to no avail - and then uninstalled and reinstalled my Photoshop subscription (now called PS 2000 instead of CC). Problem solved, I use Collection 2.3 as a PS plug in, which I access under “filters” and my control points are working as they should. Still a bit confused about the best possible workflow… I have the PS + Lightroom subscription. Should I upgrade ($49.99) to Photolab 3? Then should I use it as a standalone or a Lightroom plug in? Should I ditch Lightroom altogether? Not sure if it would be worth it to upgrade to Photolab 3 Elite ($99.99). I would assume all offerings include my beloved U-Points. Thanks for your help. Christophe

Chris - have a look at DXO academy and also youtube. There are quite afe tutorials on how to work with PS and Lightroom

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Thank you again. There’s a lot of information on YouTube, and perhaps too much of it as most of it is outdated. I’m getting PL3 today and will investigate if I should use it as a standalone or integrate it with either PS and LR.

I don’t useeither LR nor PS but we have quite a few users on the forum who do. I am sure they can give advice if you need.

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Thank you Sigi, I’ll attempt to use PL3 as a standalone. Have been out of luck so far… As soon as I decided to update, the price went up from $50 to $70 and today (black Friday) the update costs $45… Unable to use either PL2 as PL3, as there’s some Mac related issue with external hard drives I don’t have, I decided to uninstall both and reinstall PL 3. Two days ago, I contacted customer support for uninstalling instructions. With a little luck, they’ll reply tomorrow.