Please FIX the DxO PL7 Browser Performance

DxO please can you fix the browser on Photolab. Looks like you might have a memory leak or something because the scrolling performance gradually degrades until it is so laggy it becomes unusable. To fix it I have to restart the application and then it works OK for a few minutes before it starts to slow down again.

M3 Max 48GB, 4TB SSD.

Have you reported it to support as no one from DXO really reads these posts anymore

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Even though DxO host this forum, they don’t react to posts like this. You need submit it to them directly, via this page:

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Duncan: how many images are in the directory/folder that you’re browsing ?

If the answer is many-hundreds - or thousands !! - - then that will be the explanation.

It’s 2024 so that’s no longer an excuse.

Other software works just fine browsing 10s of thousands of images.

Just poorly written code that is doing processing on the main user interface thread.

Similar issue occurs when exporting images - you can’t edit while exporting because the whole user interface locks up or at best gets laggy and very very slow.

The problem is PL converts the RAW images as it goes which as John-M says if there are a lot that’s the problem. Other programs ether use the jpg or create an image data base. PL is useless as a program for “viewing” folders, other use FastViewer or I use FastStone Image Viewer for initial weeding. PL really doesn’t work well with large folders. But as above you will get no response from DXO here and need to contact support

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Off Topic…Nice rig you have there! I am stuck with a Surface Book 2 for the time being.

On Topic - have you tried clearing the caches and also reindexing specific folders? Both worked for me as I try to eke out all the performance I can on my sub-par rig.

err, no, that would be me :grinning:



Ooooh - yes indeed. For me until the slow speed of “edit refreshes” becomes completely intolerable, I cannot justify upgrading - exporting with DPXD can be done in batches overnight.

If I look for a positive in having a slow rig it would be that it makes me much more considered with my editing choices.

Fully agree with @duncang , it’s 2024, DxO is a program for dealing with photos, no excuses about not being able to preview them quickly, even moreso that all fancy processing and corrections can be turned off while previewing. Completely ridiculous we should need a separate program to “preview” photos.

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DxO responded to my ticket and sent a diagnostic program to run when PL7 has the issue. Hopefully they can address this.

Next I would love if they could prioritise the User Interface over the exports. Background exports SHOULD NOT IMACT USER INTERFACE PERFORMANCE !!

Another 2024 thing… c’mon guys. Annoying that these ‘finishing touches’ are missing from an otherwise excellent piece of software.

OK seems to be fixed in v7.4.0. Thanks

Oops, spoke to soon. Just started playing up again after some use processing a batch of files.