Please change PL5 message for unsupported Google Pixel raw files

I just downloaded my Google Pixel 7 raw files and was excited to start editing them in DXO after almost a year in storage. I have no idea why DXO is not supporting the Pixel raw files but at least change the error message from “…by this version of DXO photo lab” to “by DXO photo lab”. Do you support Google Pixel on any other PL version?

PhotoLab does not support raw files from any current or recent phone and that is unlikely to change in the near future.


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Please note, even though this forum is hosted by DxO it a user forum and DxO rarely respond to anything posted here. In other words, by posting here you are not talking / putting a question to DxO. If you want to ask DxO a question you must use this webpage:

Thanks for your reply. I’ll use a different tool for phone photos. My feedback was more around the error text which says that they don’t support these file in PL5 as if they do support it in other versions. I’ll send the feedback per the link you shared. Thanks.

I’m fairly sure your suggestion will not be acted upon since the wording is correct in the context it is used. The error text is telling you that the version you are using (PL5), now, is not compatible with the file format you are using, now. To change the text as you suggest would then create confusion if (ever) at some time in the (far) future PL did acquire the ability to handle these file formats.