Please add support for DNG files created in Topaz Labs' stand-alone apps

Existing problem:
Can’t process DNG files created by Topaz Labs’ stand-alone apps.

Proposed solution:
Please allow this capability.

Hi @sgospodarenko. I am aware of the thread that you quoted. It was suggested on that thread that a second thread be created here so that the proposal can be voted upon. Is this not a good idea?

Hello Mark,

Yes, I know. I’ve just made them linked in order other users understand the request. And btw it’s not marked as a “duplicate” so do not worry, the users can vote for this one :wink:

Svetlana G.


Thanks Svetlana for the info!

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Generic DNG support is something I’ve been hoping to see for years. Gray out Prime and let the user know they’re not getting the full DxO processing experience, but at least render the image and enable use of ClearView, Smart Lighting, etc.


I agree completely.

Please don’t limit the DNG support to files generated in Topaz. Other software packages also outputs i DNG format. The Helicon Focus Stacking application for example, relevant to DxO users as PL doesn’t support this function.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen


Thanks Johannes and I agree. Please don’t forget to vote for it.

I convert Fuji-X-Trans RAF files to DNG files using Iridient X-Transformer using that software’s option to insert a different camera make/model for the meta data (such as “Sony” / “ILCE-6000”). DXO (the company) doesn’t support this because it degrades my user experience (???). Not sure if I’m supposed to be happier with the 0% solution instead of the 90% solution, but who am I?

With those converted files I can’t use +PRIME and +DeepPRIME for NR, but I can use ClearView and Smart Lighting.

The problem I’m still working on is the NR solution. I have Topaz DeNoise AI and find it superior to the DXO functions – though it isn’t fast. I compared both with some older low light files I had from DXO-supported cameras (Leica M9 and original (Bayer) Fuji X100). Side by side on the computer I much prefer Topaz. I need to work a little more on getting the workflow sorted out – maybe running DeNoise AI/AI Clear on the the RAF file before the RAF-DNG conversion.

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Yes, I’d love to be able to process DNG files, but won’t care for the feature if it doesn’t allow me to use “prime” noise reduction. It’s the main reason I’d want it. Since Topaz allows me to convert JPEG to DNG, I’d be using it for noise reduction purposes mostly.

Hi Jana. Unfortunately the DNG files produced by the Topaz standalones are linear not RAW so Prime and Deep Prime will not be available. :sob: However, support for smartphone DNG files would include Prime and Deep Prime. :grin:


I agree, we need to open DNG files generated by Topaz form Gigapixel or JPGTORAW. ON1 already support it so why not DXO PL ?
Frankly speaking, I don’t care if Deep Prime can not be available but please don’t curb our use of PL just because of Deep Prime. Said this, if you be able to add the noise reduction with dng files, you’ll win very good points.


Hi Deneice. Thanks for your vote. Unfortunately Deep Prime(or Prime) NR cannot be performed on Topaz DNGs because they are demosaiced linear DNGs. Prime and Deep Prime are performed during the demosaicing process so will not work on RGB files, but you are correct that it will be great to be able to use all the other features of PL4 on Topaz DNGs.