Please add real fullscreen

May I suggest that you add a real fullscreen mode without any symbols and tools in the base row (as the arrow in the middle that opens the toolbar). So we could have a very basic presentation mode with a clean unclutered picture.

Does F9 and/or Ctrl-F9 not meet this need ?

No not really. I refer to the fullscreen mode that you get when you press F12 (in Windows). I would like to hide the little arrow key in the middle and the question mark and menu button in the lower right. I know that this is a minor annoyance. Anyhow a completely uncluttered view on my pictures would be nice to have. Couldn’t it be an option to have these symbols hidden with the Ctrl H key?

Ah, OK - I get you now … You’re referring to the Full Screen Viewer.

You can get rid of the “little arrow key in the middle” simply by deactivating the Split Preview option … it can be set to Horizontal or Vertical or Off/deactivated.

John M

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Thank you for your help. Unfortunately this does not work for me, maybe because I am on Windows.

I’m on Windows version of PL too … Could you please post an image of the “little arrow key in the middle” - so we can understand what you’re referring to.


This is a picture from the Photolab manual where I marked the “little arrow” that expands and collapses the toolbar and the two buttons that are for the EXIF and help display. It is this three buttons that you never get rid of when doing a quick presentation of photos from within Photolab.

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This request would perfectly match up with my previous request for multiple screen support.

  1. Have the capability for a real fullscreen (so I Vote for this request then 2) make it possible to have the full screen to be shown on a 2nd screen.

Just a Forum question, I cannot remember the vote option was available at the time I posted my request, can this be changed/updated in the post, or should a new Forum entry be created for that?

Ah, OK - I get it now.

I was curious as to why you’d be so concerned about a couple of small buttons/toolbars at the very bottom of your screen … but now I see that you are using PL to provide a “Slide-Show” of your images - and therefore you want your view to be completely uncluttered. I’m guessing, like me, DxO did not envisage this usage.

John M

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I find the little arrow to get rid of the rating/preview chrome more than adequate. Thanks for the tip roeslewf and John-M! Adding more slideshow functionality than this seems a distraction from the core mission (most powerful RAW converter available at any price on any platform, incorporating an intuitive interface and very fast workflow).

There’s better slideshow software available which works well on folders, available inexpensively. For Mac, there’s Lyn or if you don’t have a 4K monitor, Apple’s own Preview built-in, for free.

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