Planning support for Lumix G9II? Don't forget Live Composite RAW

Hi DxO people,

I’m asuming you already plan support for the much anticipated Panasonic Lumix G9II. I hope you get this out soon, I’m planning to buy one end of November. It should launch in about 3 weeks from now, early November.

Please look carefully, there may be differences between the regular RAW files and the RAW files produced by the Live Composite mode of the camera.

At the time in the past when the G90/95 came out, once you supported the RAW files, I found the Live Composite RAW files of the G90/95 could stilll not be read by Photolab. I brought this to your attention back then and it turned out they were composed slightly different from the regular RAW files. It took you a few weeks to get this corrected.

So for the G9II be aware there may again be two kinds of RAW (.rw2) files to deal with.

kind regards, Frank

Hi Frank – you are writing in the user forum.

Get in touch with DxO support … Appareils supportés - DxO :slight_smile:

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Great request! It’s likely that DxO staff will read it here. But they might not reply. I agree with contacting support also. Historically, they release optics modules about three months after a new camera starts shipping, give or take a few weeks, as they need the camera to make the modules.

Good idea, I have done so now :slightly_smiling_face:

regards, Frank


Today DxO released a new version with G9M2 / G9II support


Thanks Joerg! Catching up editing already :grinning: