Place the border outside of the picture and place watermark in the border is not possible

When you have Filmpack installed it is possible to define a border inside or outside of the picture. if you do it inside it cuts a little peace of the picture but yo can position a watermark in the border. When you place the border outside the picture then it extends the picture size. but in this scenario you cannot place the place the watermark in the border because you can only position the watermark with positive values in the picture section. For placing it in the border outside of the picture we need the possibility to position it with negative values outside of the picture. that would be a nice feature do not lose some part of the photo and place the watermark in the border.

Here’s a workaround:

  • add borders
  • export image
  • add watermark to the copy

Of course, the workaround creates an additional copy. Moreover, it makes sense to add the watermark as a last step, or its appearance could be altered by later edits.

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