PL7 what’s on the horizon

Behind the noise

sorry PL6, but couldn’t resist (@bhayt).

@JoPoV You need a second post to see the counts and you owe me royalties for the title and the idea!

But I can hardly see the horizon!

Now that’s an horizon!

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@JoPoV Not so much an horizon but I like it anyway

No. You must imagine it :upside_down_face:

@JoPoV Hmm!

I believe that the wind turbines are 2 kilometres off shore and we were probably 4 kilometres from the sea shore up on the Downs, walking around the Golf Course, and the zoom was on maximum 400mm equivalent.

The second picture is from the same walk, of a newish fence and an old flint barn, disused and slowly going to ruin.

I tried to see further than that, through the turbulent atmosphere and in the dark.
But for now, it seems only imagination can make horizon appear. This is why everyone sees a different one.
But luckily, pl is one of the very few who can survive at so high iso :upside_down_face:

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On the brighter side, early in the morning.

Great shots guys!