PL7 web pages still referring to U-Point

If you go to La Technologie U Point™ you get images of the U-Point widget and equaliser instead of the new LA palette.

Yes, the material is pre-DPL7.

Maybe DxO is expecting most users to stick to DPL6?

Moreover, the DPL7 manual is not ready for download yet.


:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Yes, tongues hanging out after a rushed GoLive phase :zipper_mouth_face:

Our teams have been working hard to prepare beautiful tutorials for you, which can be found in the Larning Hub, also accessable via the menu Help in DxO PhotoLab 7
There is also one about local adjustments:Vous voulez en savoir plus sur DxO PhotoLab 7 ?
You might want to enjoy the tutorials and the onlne user manual while our webteam is still working on updating the last webpages.

The PDF version of the user manual is only available for “old” versions. For versions still under development, namely the current commercialized version, only the interactive online version of the user guide is offered due to possible developments over the course of updates so that you always work with the most current status.

However, if needed you can always save as a PDF or print single pages and chapters via your browser.

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