PL7 v7.6 Bug Report - Crops shown incorrectly in the browser

My crops are showing incorrectly in the browser view. Anyone else finding this a problem in addition to the images disappearing from the editor view when trying to apply local adjustments - I only tried applying an Auto Mask and on the second image the imaged view goes blank and a restart is required.

Crops appear incorrect always but exported images are correctly cropped.

Anyone else having this issue please submit a bug request to DxO

The screenshot does not show any problem to me. Wrong screenshot?

I don’t see your problem with LA on PL7.6/Win11, so it seems to be specific to some Macs.

You’re just not looking properly. The browser thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen crops do not match the ones in the editor screen. The crop in the browser is a bit higher than that of the editor screen. In the example shown there is more space below the rock in the main screen than in the browser thumbnail image.

There is a white frame inside the selected thumbnail, so it’s hard to judge. I thought at first that it was some real problem.

It’s enough to notice immediately when I upgraded from the earlier version looking at the same files. There is clear space above the tip of the wing in the editor but not in the thumbnail - perhaps even the thin border shown when the item is not selected is drawn inside the crop selection.

Certainly annoying when looking at the thumbnails thinking “I just clipped the wings” when the crop doesn’t clip the wings but the thumbnail makes it look like it does.

So you want the white frame of a thumbnail, being selected or not, to be drawn outside the thumbnail. That sounds like a well-defined request now but it looks a bit strange. Personally, I use thumbnails only to identify a photo for selection, never to judge it. Btw, the same behavior is on PL7.6/Win11 and is present in all PL versions, I guess. DxO will probably ignore such request, but who knows? Try. They have more important things to fix…