PL7 not showing lens corrections

I am trying out a trial version of PL7. I have one set of raw cr3 images taken on a particular day with my Canon RP and rf 16mm lens. Under Distortion Correction it says "auto with DxO Optics Module. However all my photos show the extreme uncorrected vignette of that lens. Strangely, when I click on a photo from this set, for the first time, it opens with corrections applied and I do not see the vignette. Wait a couple seconds, and the vignette appears and is now permanent. I’ve loaded up other raw files taken with the same lens and camera combination, and they all load fine. Lens corrections are applied and no vignette. It is just this set from one day that I took on my summer holiday. It seems like the optics module is not being applied. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix?

The Lens distortion feature only corrects geometric distortion. Other lens issues are corrected elsewhere.

The Vignetting feature in the Light palette should be selected with “Auto with DxO Optics Module”. That is where vignetting corrections are applied,.

Chromatic aberration corrections are applied in the Detail palette.

When you are first editing raw images what you are most likely seeing is the imbedded jpeg which may have in-camera corrections for vignetting applied to them.