PL7 Local adjustment HSL wheel stuck

I have found a weird behaviour of the color wheel in local adjustments.

With the global color wheel, I can click on any of the 4 points to select the color range. I can click in the selected color range and drag the selection around the circle to shift the color selection.

In the LA color wheel, I can’t do any of that unless I play around with the saturation slider first.
This is a really puzzling behaviour that very much feels like an unpolished feature.

Has anyone been able to replicate this?
I am running the latest PL7 version with Sonoma 14.1.

No, not in the windows version ( PL7.1.0_94 )

What I see with the LA color wheel

  • Moving the saturation / vibrancy slider at first, activates the RGB channel and the same as when moving the surrounding hue slider instead.

  • But those 4 points attached to the color range are only shown, when choosing any of the color channels first, which also activates the surrounding hue slider.

I can confirm that, with a slight variation.

If I click on, say, the yellow dot, then try to move either the whole selection on the inner wheel or any of the four points that define it, they will not move.

I can, however, move the hue adjustment point on the outer wheel and, as soon as I have done that, the inner wheel is fully adjustable at all four points plus the ‘complete drag’ action.

If I then reset the outer handle by double-clicking, the freeze takes effect once more. I also note, and this is possibly not new, that resetting the outer handle like this also resets the range. That seems counter-intuitive.

I confirm the behaviour you described.