PL7+FP7 performance drop vs PL6+FP6

Hi. I use an 8-year-old desktop that is really terrible for DeepPRIME processing.

As I am planning to buy a new desktop over the next month or so (Thanksgiving deals) I tried out PL6 about a month ago and decided to wait for PL7 release. My idea was just to set a baseline for performance.

I process 170 photos together from a GH5II and GH6, with minimal cropping, small lighting adjustments, and DeepPRIME NR.

That batch took around 170 minutes when exported with PL6+FP6. The same batch took 200 minutes with PL7+FP7. That’s 30% increase.

I usually process 400 to 600 photos after shooting at a dance event. That means the export on my desktop runs overnight.

When I tried the same batch of photos with PL7+FP7, the export time increased at least 35%! Even rendering of a photo when clicked on, is noticeably (and frustratingly) slower than the previous version.

I know that a new computer with a good GPU card will speed up things but still, 30% increase in time is significant. I don’t see any benefit of that extra time. Most photos were comparable, but in some cases I like the output of PL6+FP6 over the new version.

Anyone else compare like this and see significant difference? If someone doesn’t care about PL7 features, is there still an option to buy PL6 instead?


do not bother… GH6 x 25mp raws with DPXD are exporting @ 17-20 raws a minute ( I set 3 concurrent in settings for a test ) with RTX4070 into tiff, so your 400-600 raws on a new desktop like this will be ~20 … 35 minutes in DxO PL7 … not a big deal even if PL6 was faster a bit

That’s good to hear. Thanks.

Are you saying that PL7 and PL6 don’t render exactly the same ? Sounds strange to me.

DxO didn’t announce any changes in this area for PL7. Still it’s not unusual for a new major upgrade release to not perform as fast as the previous release… at first. A couple minor updates and months later, this issue, when it occurs, is usually improving. Exports with DeepPRIME or DP XD in PL6 got noticeably faster for me as the year went on. I haven’t tried PL7.

Did you update your video card driver when you installed PL7? If you haven’t done that lately, an old driver could be holding you back. DxO emphasizes the need to update video card drivers with each upgrade or minor update you install, and that can often fix issues like this one.

As I see you realize, when you go to get your new PC, it’s important to not cut corners on the video card, even if you’re not a gamer. The video card can do the heavy lifting in applying DeepPRIME or DeepPRIME XD and will pay off in saved time if you are doing lots of editing. See the “Recommended system configuration” (not just the minimum required) here for PL7 in Windows:

and here for Mac:

I see no performance drop between PL 6 and PL 7 on my aging 2016 Windows 10, i7 desktop with a GTX 1050ti card and 24GB ram. While my graphics card is low end these days, the GPU performance between PhotoLab versions is identical. They are both equally and acceptably fast. This issue seems to be affecting some, but far from all users.


30 is only 17.64% of 170, Still a significant increase but nowhere near 30%.

I get exactly the same export times with 60 image files.
with NoCorrection and DeepPRIME, average export per image lasts

  • 5.6s in DPL5
  • 5.1s in DPL6
  • 5.1s in DPL7

As far as PhotoLab on a 8-core i7 iMac 2019 are concerned, they perform equally well. Maybe that FilmPack functionality can create a difference. If you can tell me more about your FP tool settings, I could try to see if any differences exist.

Yes, the rendering is slightly different.
Specifically, I used some FP presets like Astia/Soft, Velvia/Vivid, Kodak Chroma and Chroma+ on some photos. The FP6+PL6 rendering looks better to me over FP7+PL7. Not all but over 10% of those cases.

That was my typo. When I did my first math, I thought it had taken 220 minutes, which would have been close to 30% increase.

After double-checking, it was 200 minutes and I missed to update the %

First, thanks to all who replied to my concerns above.

I got my new laptop with ongoing holiday discounts (13900HX + RTX4070, 32GB, 1TB) and tried PL7. Very happy with the performance.

For a sense of where I was coming from, my 8-year old desktop with basic built-in graphics card (not recognized by DXO s/w) took about 270 minutes to export, for a set of 200 photos from my last shoot. They are all 25MP GH6 raw files.

The same set of 200 files on the new laptop exported in 8 minutes. I used DeepPRIME for both.