PL7&FP7 are multiple luminosity masks possible in PL7?

I have both PL7&FP7 installed so I can use luminosity masks. In PL they appear as a tool in the ‘Local Adjustments’ section.
In that section I can create multiple local adjustments (Control Point, Control Line, etc.) - but I seem to be limited to creating just one Luminosity mask - in the sense that once I’ve created a luminosity mask, pressing the “+” does not create another luminosity mask.
Have I missed something here? I’d love to have masks for both zone 8-9 and a different one for 2-3. Do I need to switch into FP for that? I’m not even sure FP can do that as I’ve just bought it to unlock this feature in PL.

You should be able to create multiple luminosity masks by selecting “+” and then a new area on the image. The mask name appears after you make your selection unlike CO for example where the layer is created first followed by the type of mask.


Works great - thanks!