PL7: Download window for optical modules does not open automatically

I have a folder with images for which no optical modules have been downloaded yet, but which do exist. When I open this folder in PL7, shouldn’t the download window open automatically with the appropriate modules to download?

The thumbnails only show me that a module exists, but the window is not displayed. I have to open it manually OR open another folder first and then go back to the original folder for the download window to open.

“Automatically display this window” (or whatever this item is called in English) is checked:


I have the same problem. You can solve the problem temporarily by calling up the window to manage the optical modules. There, the module should already be listed as loaded. Now delete the module and it should appear again in the download window. However, it will have disappeared again at the next start of PL. I haven’t found a real solution so far either… oh well… LR or CO1 used.

Thank you for your feedback.
I was in contact with DxO support about this, the problem was known. A week ago I received this reply:
“…our development department has just informed me that the problem should be solved with the next update of PhotoLab.
Please pay attention to the automatic information when starting the software and download the recommended updates.”
I have not yet managed to install the latest updates, but will try to do so soon.

The problem does not seem to have been resolved with version 7.7 for Mac:

Version 7.7.1 has now also been released for macOS. The bug has been fixed. :+1: