PL7 and NAS

I am using PL7 with my file on a NAS, but I cannot see the new images that were uploaded to the NAS, although I can see them on the finder. I may be a problem of buffer. Have you experienced a similar problem ?

I have the same configuration (Raws on a NAS) and no problem (on Windows 10).

Yes, this is a problem on Mac that I reported to support almost a year ago now, that still hadn’t been solved last I checked (about a month ago).

Works as expected on Windows.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I will send a message to DxO to remind them.

Quite often these problems are treated to the Integrity and Security settings for the PL app which need to be allowed to access, disks, folders and external volumes and
Check that and see what permissions PL have been given?

I checked but PL has access to all disks including network volumes. The fact that I can see some images, but not the latest ones, seems more to indicate that something has not been updated.

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I tried using a NAS with various editing apps over the years (inc Aperture, Lightroom, and Photolab) with a Mac.

I’ve found it to be more trouble than it’s worth. Intermittent issues, poor performance, etc.

I now just keep the images I’m working with on the local drive, and then move them to the NAS for long term storage and retrieval when I need them next. I get my work done more quickly and keep my stress level and sanity to a reasonable level :slight_smile:

Obviously if you’re using PL as a catalogue as well then this may not work for you.

Using a NAS with Windows has been a far less problematic experience though.

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