PL7.6 bug in MacOS

Photos keep disappearing when trying to apply local adjustments. Fix it, please!
Yes, and constantly crashing.
Photolab 7.6 build 53
MacOS 13.6.6

Same problem here macOS 14.4.1

Same problem here macOS 14.4.1, MacStudio M1

This is a user forum, you need to report this to DxO using this page:

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DxO has acknowledged the issue and has responded:

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What a mess, already updated. And yes can confirm. Not funny.

And can do nothing but close PL, because nothing else works. It just hangs.

You can still use DPL 7.5 … if you can live with deleting the database.

If you’ve always saved the .dop sidecars, deleting should not be too bad - except for the images you’ve touched with DPL 7.6. I’m working with 7.5.1 again, but I’ve disabled sidecar export as my default which is okay as I use DPL as Lightroom plugin mostly.

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Thanks platypus, just also answered on the other thread to this problem. Just clearing the cache and then the database. But now, thanks for your hint, I will not, because of those “touched” with 7.6. But I also wonder, if there was an older build of 7.6, than 53?
If not, all pics should have been edited only with 7.5.1.


Ok, found it :wink: no 7.6 build before

Build 7.6 build 55 now available through update and also from your account.