PL7.2 Fails to export "Connection failed on Execute Stage"

I had transfered a couple of images to Lightroom (DNG Optical + all corrections). The next image generated the fault “Connection failed on Execute Stage”

Restarted PL7.2 - same result.
Save to disc - same result
Export to Affinity Photo - “Connection failed on Execute Stage”
Export to Lightroom as 16bit tiff - “Connection failed on Execute Stage”
Export as DNG (optical + denoise only) -“Connection failed on Execute Stage”

Deleted .dop file
Export to Lightroom as DNG + all correction - “Connection failed on Execute Stage”
Restarted - same result
Cleared Cache - same result

In short, PL7 now fails to export anything to anywhere.

Why stop after I had successfully exported a couple of files fo Lightroom?

Tested another image - fine.

Went back to the orginal image - reset. Did a couple of corrections including using a brush mask. - Failed again.
Reset and only used the general sliders and De-noise - exports fine.

So it looks like the issue is related to the brush mask.

Any suggestions other than re-install?

Can now confirm. If there is ANY use of the Auomask Brush, then PL7.2 will NOT export anything.
Deleted the masks I created and it exported as normal.

Anyone else had this issue?

Yes, I have.

Today, with 7.2, I had a “correction failed” error if I tried to zoom in on an automask region with an almost unresponsive UI (e.g. I could no longer zoom in or out). Deleting the automask layer restored UI functionality.

I tried undoing my delete which restored the automask. However, the export failed with the same error.

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Reading this, i just tried quickly with applied Auto mask and Brush ( PL7.2.0 Build 120 ), but no problem to export

  • to Disk
  • to Application

To see if file size and accessibility might play a role, i now selected a larger raw file which i copied to a partitioned internal hard drive… but no difference (maybe longer export times).

Note: I’m running PL’s database and (big enough!) cache from NVme m.2

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ok, removed PL7.2 and reverted back to PL7.1.

Tested using the image I was having issues with and that was exported to 7.1 with zero problems.

Think I will avoid the PL7.2 update for now