PL7.1.0 Local Adjustment Exposure slider not working

Running Photolab 7.1.0 on WIndows 10 and processing Canon CR2 raw images. When I create a Local Adjustment mask I can make all the adjustments I want with the exception of the Exposure slider, which does nothing. Has anyone else observed this behaviour? It’s the same regardless of type of mask.

Not so far. Windows 11, Olympus RAW.

@JeremySaul is that what you mean (PL7.1.0, Lumix G9 RW2 image)

PS:- sorry @Egregius I hit the wong ‘Reply’ button, oops!

Checked with 2 different cr2-files and a variety of masks – no problem so far.

( to add @stuck / next post – also no problem w/ the luminosity mask )

I cannot recreate the behaviour you describe using Win 10, PL7.1.0 (trial) and processing .CR2 from a Canon 400D (aka Rebel XTi). The exposure slider behaves as expected on all the masks available to me. NB as I don’t have FP7 I couldn’t try the luminosity mask.

Very strange. Away from home for a few days so will give it another go when I get back and post what I find.

Back home now and tried this again and now the Exposure slider does exactly what I thoughtr it should do. Can only imagine it was something weird as I had just installed the license keys for my upgrades and hadn’t restarted PL7 :man_shrugging:t2: