PL7.1.0 how to prevent DXO Hub from popping up

How do I prevent PL7.1.0 from opening the DXO Hub feature every time I open PL? After a quick look I can’t seem to find a way to toggle this annoyance off. Any suggestions?

In the Help menu … for all popup windows
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It was indeed really a quick look. You can’t miss the “Show on startup” option at the bottom of the window. At least under Windows. Or are you using a trial version ?

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Thanks I definitely missed it. I was using a trial version initially but bought Elite as an upgrade when the Black Friday Deal was sent out. I don’t remember seeing this on my initial install. I upgraded from PL5.

You can’t turn off the Hub in the trial version but as others have explained, it can be turned off via the ‘show on startup’ feature.