PL6 watermark preset gets hardcoded into the image preset and doesn't reset properly


When I started to use PhotoLab 6, I recreated my custom default preset for RAW files. One of the settings in that preset is to have Instant Watermarking on and using a custom preset for text. After a short time, I changed a parameter of the custom watermark preset (Scale) and saved it. However, every RAW image I select now shows the watermark preset as Custom with the old scaling. If I change the watermark preset to my custom preset, everything looks fine. But then, if I select Reset in the upper right corner of the Customize workspace, (a) the watermark scaling reverts to the wrong setting - the old one at the time I created the RAW preset - and (b) the Instant Watermarking Preset still indicates that my watermark preset is being used, not “Custom”. If I select the watermark preset again from the menu (even though PL6 is telling me it’s already in use), then the scaling changes to the correct scaling for that preset.

At the very least, this reset behavior is a bug, because it breaks the state model. I understand that changing the watermark preset after creating an image adjustment preset with it requires some design decisions: whether or not to bake the watermark parameters into the image preset and what happens when the watermark preset is changed after images are edited with it. I appreciate that new images show “Custom” instead of the Instant Watermarking preset because that preset’s parameters changed since creating the default RAW preset. But I’d prefer that the Instant Watermarking preset not be baked into the RAW preset, so that any new images I work on use the new version of the Watermarking preset. As it is, whenever I change the watermark I also have to change every single image preset that uses it! That’s nuts.

Another problem with the state model: If, after all the steps above, I now change the Scale parameter, I can’t click on Update to store that scale in the Instant Watermarking preset.

I guess the view is that the watermark preset is simply a way of filling in the detail values in the panel. As such, when you create your processing preset, you’re just baking in those values.

So I get why it behaves like that, but it’s not how I would want it to behave. In my view, if the watermark preset has (edited) after it when you create the processing preset, then that is acceptable, and in fact the only logical approach. If it doesn’t, however, I think the processing preset should indeed store the watermark preset and not the values.