PL6 virtual copy doesn't appear instantly

PL6 virtual copy doesn’t appear instantly. The creative copy only appears after leaving the folder and re-entering again.

A couple of hours after I was confronted with the problem. I have created another virtual copy and am preparing to go through all those troublesome and time-wasting handling again because it is part of my workflow. To my surprise this time the virtual copy behaved exactly like when I was using PL5; the problem vanished and I cannot explain it because I haven’t done anything differently like hundreds of times I did before.

I have just switched to PL6 a couple of days ago and I had run into the problem practically the first time I used it, and several times after that just to confirm the problem existed.


Several others in this forum have reported problems on Mac platform with the image browser not updating to show new files/copies. I’m glad to see the problem resolved itself in your case. Hopefully it will be fixed for all soon.

@Ray Hello, We have identified the issue and fixed it. It should be released in a later version. Thank you for your understanding !

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