PL6 — Virtual copies not shown in folder right away

I’ve just noticed this odd behaviour, running PL6 trial.

  • Select a photo which has no virtual copies
  • Press Cmd-D to create a virtual copy
  • Photo gets the [M] badge to denote it is now the Master
  • No virtual copy is visible, until…
  • Click away to another folder, then back to original, and the virtual copy is now shown

Just tested… I do not have this problem. VCs appears right away.
PL6 trial build 24 & macOS Monterey 12.6 here.

Also tested and like m-photo, no issues. Mac or PC?

Mac, Monterey 12.6 and the trial of PL6 build 24. However, I note this morning that it appears to be working properly now.

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This particular bug disappears after a hard reboot/restart. At least it did on my system (Monterey 12.6).