PL6 unable to process some images after latest update

Just updated to PL6.14.0 Build 343. I was working on a folder with a couple hundred images, most of which I’ve already processed with the previous version. But now some of the images I’ve already processed, about 10 in a row, show an exclamation mark and there is a message in the preview window that “this image cannot be processed since sRAW/mRAW format is not support by DxO Photolab”. These are, in fact, regular compressed Sony RAWs that were processed without issue in the previous version along with the rest of the images in the same folder. Any thought? Thanks

OK, so I checked the file properties for the problem images, and they indeed look like 26MP files rather than 61MP files, but I never (intentionally) use sRAW/mRAW. But even stranger, as I said, they were successfully processed by the previous version of PL6. Feel like I’ve walked into a glitch in the matrix.

MYSTERY SOLVED. I have figured out that, for that series of shots, I must have inadvertently pressed a button I have set to shoot in APS-C (crop) mode for video… but it also affects stills. This latest version of PL6 thinks there are sRAW/mRAW files, which they are not, so refuses to process them. But it did so in the previous version.

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@DocNo , Please report this to Chances are much higher that DxO will see and act on your report.

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Hi DocNo, I have run into the same issue as you since updating PL7, I now get the “this image cannot be processed since sRAW/mRAW format is not support by DxO Photolab” for images photographed in APS-C mode on my A7R5. I guess we have to wait for an update to come out.