PL6 Style - Toning: Simple Toning is Missing Portrait and Landscape

I have just upgraded from DXO Photolab 5 Elite to Photolab 6.5 Elite. I also have DXO Filmpack 6 and ViewPoint 4.

In Photolab 5, if you select Style - Toning and then Simple Toning, it offers a list which includes Portrait and Landscape immediately after B&W. However, in Photolab 6 Portrait and Landscape are both missing from the list. Can you help please?

The Portrait and Landscape Simple Toning options are not available when the Working Color Space is set to Wide Gamut. If you change the Working Color Space to Legacy they reappear. It is not clear why it is set up this way.



Thanks Mark that explains the mystery!

This sounds like a bug to me. Is there a way to ask DXO to fix it?

I believe they were already informed of this.


Hi Mark,

That’s great, thanks for letting me know.