PL6 soft proofing not working on Mac Big Sur

I just installed PL6 on Mac Big Sur. I am able to activatve soft proofing, but I do not
see any difference in the image when soft proofing is on versus off. I do see the border of the image change to white from grey when soft proofing is on. I tried soft proofing with several printer profiles, some with much less contrast (e.g., matte papers) and the difference should be quite noticeable. Tried both relative and perceptual intents, and again no visible difference.

Differences can be subtle. Have you checked the histogram? Does it change when you engage/disengage soft proofing and switch target profiles?

if color management is still switched on you will see the image on the color profile of your monitor.


As platypus has already stated out, it could be very subtle and also depending on the ICC profile chosen. Just checked it again and its working. I also checked this out with a photo I am going to print. Because I am not using LR or anything else, I sticked to ColorSync on Mac for soft proofing, which is a bit cumbersome. So it is a real time saver, being finally able to do this in PL.

Thank you for the replies! I tried re-installing PL6, and now soft proofing is working on my system. It helped me to know that it was working for other people.