PL6 removes information contained in CR3 files (like Artist, Copyright)

Basically what the Subject says. In camera (R and R5) the info is set (Artist, Copyright) but it is not carried over to the exported EXIF (and I do not want to use exiftool every time I have to share pictures with someone else).

Or am I missing something, somewhere?

Newer versions of PhotoLab copy these data from EXIF into the IPTC fields Creator and Copyright notice. However, the corresponding EXIF fields Author (Artist) and Copyright should still be populated in the Metadata palette in PhotoLab. When you select Export to disk, there are options in the export menu to include both EXIF and IPTC metadata. These need to be checked. Please make sure that they are. If you’re still having trouble, I suggest submitting a support ticket at and then uploading a sample CR3 file at, referencing the new support ticket.

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When you display your cr3 files in Photolab, can yo see your metadata entries in the tools of the metadata palette in Photo Library view?

Your entries should show up, but they can be overwritten. Please check the EXIF and IPTC sections.