PL6 not recognizing 12-24 Nikkor lens

I have a Nikkor 12 - 24 mm lens. The program does not always recognize it. On some pictures it gives it as an option - it works on some pictures. On others it suggests a Tokina or Sigma lens. Is there something I can do about that? There does not seem to be a manual way to assign the proper lens. It seems to affect the pictures in a certain folder. In other folders it gave the option for the 12 -24 mm lens

Exactly which model is it? There are at least two, one of which is a DX lens

The 14-24/2.8 is FX. 12-24 were always DX. There’s also a 10-24 DX, but 12-24 was (to my knowledge) always DX.

@Erhard was asking about the 12-24mm, which is a DX lens Nikon 12-24mm and it is supported by DxO.

I used to have a Nikon 28-200mm FX lens, which did come out in a “MkII”. PL had trouble determining which was the right model with that, so I am not to surprised that other lenses suffer the same fate.

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In an other thread, we found an issue in lens recognition that depended on how the camera was set*. If you can provide two RAW images (one that works and one that doesn’t) using a sharing service, we can have a look at metadata and search for differences.

*Note: I think it was in one of @mikemyers ’ posts and concerned Leica gear. Maybe your issue is caused by something else, but it might be worth trying.

My first thought - welcome to the DxO Photolab forum!

Second, I found two interesting links to your lens:
From Nikon:

From Ken Rockwell:

Amazon has it for sale for $1150 or so, which is more than I expected for a DX lens, but apparently anyone shooting a DX format camera might make very good use of this lens - which is fixed at f/4.

Which version of PhotoLab are you using?

Also, which model camera are you using it on?

If you open the image in PhotoLab, and “hover” your cursor over the thumbnail image down below, you should see a screen similar to this:
Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 11.41.07

Does that properly show the correct information for your lens?

Again, welcome to the forum! Maybe post one of your images from this lens, un-edited, if you have time?

Hi Mike
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Walmart has that lens for just under $1000.00 here in Canada.
I originally used it on a D80, then a D300 and now on a D7500.
The information shows up now that I have re-installed PL6, but did not before for that lens.
These are a couple of pics - the fall one is on a D 80 and the winter one on a D300

Hopefully you have PhotoLab set to notify you about updates - I always do them as soon as I can. They’re constantly repairing bugs.

Lovely photos - what would the effective full frame focal length be, for the focal length you selected on the DX lens? To me, they both look like perhaps 35mm on an FX camera, but that’s just my perception.

Hi Mike
Thank You, they were shot at 12 mm, so that would be about 18 mm on a full frame sensor. When you get rid of some of the haze on the first one it looks a lot better. Also pulling out the blacks a bit and a little vibrancy make it more like what it was. The second one just needs some blacks or shadows pulled out.

This one is one of my favorites. It was taken many years ago on a Mamiya C330

Can you tell us something about how you digitised this shot? Scanned by a lab? Positive or negative film? How was DPL involved in the process?


It was scanned at the highest quality the lab could do. Consumer grade scans just don’t cut it.
That one was a negative scan. This one was taken at the same time with an Olympus OM2 and positive film. The processing is primarily Clear View plus to get rid of haze, pull the blacks and shadows and cut back on the highlights. Then a bit of color adjustment. Depending on how much noise or grain there is, some NR can be applied. Some local pulling of shadows was also done on the first one.


I just re-installed PL6 and downloaded the Camera and lens module first. Now it seems to recognize the files that it previously did not. BTW, I really like PL6, I have used LR6 for many years and prefer PL6 which I just got.

It is a DX AF-S Nikkor 12-24 mm 1:4G ED IF ED Aspherical