PL6 completely blocked during exporting

I’m facing the problem that PL6 is completely blocked / unuseable when a DeepPrime XD export is running. This is very annoying as my Laptop (i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz) needs sometimes up to 8 Minutes to export a 20MP file as the internal Intel 620 UHD GPU is not supported.

In this situation pictures are not loaded, PL6 does not react to commands, …

I know that my this HP spectre 360 is not the latest one, but I’m really disappointed on the performance. A big step backwards compared to PL5.

The issue is probably not PhotoLab. It is more likely that your older less powerful CPU, perhaps with insufficient memory, and without the additional benefit of a supported GPU, is just not up to the task of processing DeepPRIME XD exports faster.

There are also newer features in some competing software titles which will create similar log jams. For those with older less powerful machines, it is an unfortunate result of the processing requirements for sophisticated AI based tasks.

Over time DxO may be able to fine tune DeepPRIME XD processing to make it run a little quicker, but it may not ever process significantly faster on your current machine. By the way, what other tasks are running while you are processing DeepPRIME XD? How much memory do you have?

On my desktop computer which is far from new but has a more powerful CPU than yours and 24 GBs of memory, DeepPRIME XD on a similarly sized file takes close to 3 minutes to process when not using my Graphic cards’s GPU. My graphics card is the aging and not terribly powerful Nvidia GTX 1050ti. Even so, when using my card’s GPU, the DeepPRIME XD processing time for the same raw file drops to a very acceptable 34 seconds, five times faster. DeepPRIME drops to 14 seconds.


  • No other tasks running

  • 16GB RAM

  • unfortunately the on-board Intel GPU is not supported by PL6

Yep - As Mark suggests, that will be the reason.

Since your machine is unusable when a DeepPrime XD export is running anyway - then you might like to try to force PL to use your GPU … it won’t make your system more responsive - but it may make it unavailable for less time;

For instructions to check if this works for you, see here (at very bottom of the page)

John M

Unfortunately the exports stopps suddenly at a certain point of progress when I force PL6 to use the Intel UHD 620 GPU which is integrated in my Laptop.

Ah, well … t’was worth the try.

I guess, being a laptop, the GPU is not easily updated (?)

John M

Right, I already checked that … it’s an on-board GPU. So I have to replace the whole laptop. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hi there,
replaced my Laptop. Now I use an dedicated gaming Laptop with i7-Gen12, 32GM RAM and a GeForce RTX 3070. It’s a pleasure working with this new setup with PL6.
Export duration has significantly improved!
Best, Joerg

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Dear @joerg2019,

congratulation to your new laptop. Which manufacturer and model did you choose.
At the moment I’m checking Lenovo legion 5i and HP omen models, but I’m interested selecting a third model to compare.

thanks in advance


Take a look at MSI and ASUS both very good makes with great gaming models.

Hi Keith,

Thank you very much for the information. In my research so far, MSI and Asus are often powerful and ahead in terms of features, but you also often read about quality shortcomings and the not so good durability over a longer period of time. My previous Lenovo is now about 11 years old and has had no problems so far. If it wasn’t for the low graphics performance for AI, I could certainly use it for a few more years. Affinty and the basic functions of DXO run satisfactorily for me. DXO deepprime export or Topaz Photo AI…let’s not talk about them.

Maybe I’m a little spoiled by my Lenovo :star_struck:

Enjoy the week


Hi Guenter,

I bought a OMEN 16 inch gaming laptop. The official type is 16-k0778ng.

Major specs:
i7-12700H with 32GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU

Best, Joerg

Dear Joerg,
this one is on my list :blush:. Good to hear that you are satisfied by the performance. Question: Is it possible to work silence with the HP during normal office sessions, or does it have the possibility to change the silent modes very quick by a tool.

best regards

Hi Guenter,
to which silence modes are you referring ? The fan ? Speakers ? Something else?
Best, Joerg

Hello Joerg,

sorry for the not so detailed question. I was asking for fan noise, because my Desktop machine is nearly inaudible, and my Lenovo I have tuned with TP Fan so the fan speed is very slow for office work and only a little bit noisy for graphic work.

Hi Guenter,
I did not adjust the fan speed in special way, as the Laptop is quite silent. Just to test, I started an export of 12 Deep Prime XD RAWs in a row. The GPU temp raised from 48°C to 61°C with a little increased fan speed. Two or three minutes later with normal office workload, the fan is silent again.

Important to know: when the Laptop is powered via the original power adapter, the Export is much quicker than having it powerd via USB-C from the Docking-Station.

Regards, Joerg

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Thanks for this useful information. Where did you bought it?
Have fun with your new notebook
Best regards

I bought it directly at the HP online store, was the best price at that time.

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