PL6 and Sonoma user feedback

Since Sonoma is out, has anyone tested P6 on this new OS?
If so, does it perform as expected?

I’m a bit reluctant to upgrade MacOS since last year’s problems with Deepprime and Ventura…

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I’ve run DPL versions 5.1.3 and up on macOS Sonoma beta and as far as I’ve seen, they all worked equally well - within the scope of my rather informal testing, that is.

I plan to update from Monterey to Sonoma soon - after having made lots of working backups. The drive in my iMac is big enough to accommodate an additional volume onto which I’ll install Sonoma incl. migration of everything else from the Monterey volume.
Whether you want to be an early adopter or not is entirely up to you though.

If my Mac were business critical, I’d hold upgrading for another 2-3 months.

For those wanting to upgrade, it is helpful to know how to download older releases of macOS with


you are a bit fast, give software a day or 2 before even asking :upside_down_face:
there is BETA but doesn’t mean that’s what you get on release day. plus, from lesson learned, don’t install new things on release date, there’s always something wrong to happen or weird bugs :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Sonoma 14.0 (build 344) has been available for a week or so as RC2. It has been stable and performed without issues so far, still, it is good practice to wait before jumping.

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Je suis passé en Sonoma version beta depuis le début et toujours en utilisant les dernières versions de PL, tout fonctionne,(enfin je suis un utilisateur certainement de bas de gamme pour beaucoup d’entre vous…).
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