PL6.3 [Win] hangs/crashes when trying to relocate the database folder

As per the subject…

I tried to change PL6.3 database folder: as soon as you open the window for browsing in search of a new location, the program hangs forever - and then it crashes if you try to close the open windows.

Problem solved: it was caused by Avast.

How in 2023 such issues are still caused by antivirus software is beyond my comprehension…

… but, it seems that also AVG causes the same problem.

What’s going on? Maybe the problem is not Avast or AVG, but Photolab!

With regard to Avast, this is nothing new. As a retired IT professional I have helped out my friends with PC issues for years. One of the things that I have found over the years is that Avast too often doesn’t play well with commercial software. The first thing I ask when there is a software installation issue or a software conflict is whether they are using Avast. Too often the answer has been “yes”.