PL6.3 not start


I installed the V6.3 but PL doesn’t start, or at least nothing on the screen.
By opening the task manager PL starts well but closes quickly.
I restarted the PC, repair and delete and redownload and reinstalled but same issue.

While waiting for a solution, I reinstalled the V6.2

On my laptop no worries.

No problem here on my W10x64-PC. Maybe you should install it once more and try again.

Yes, several times but always even problem
Either by updating from the V6.2 or by removing the V6.2.

For information:
I have no %HOMEPATH%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 5 crashes
The V6.3 didn’t write in “DXO Photolab 6 Logs”

No problem here. All seems to be working okay. Using Asus motherboard with 12th generation i9 CPU 12/900 with Asus/AMD 16800 GPU. My Windows 11 version is 22H2. I don’t know whether that helps.

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Do you see anything in the Application or System log in Windows Event Viewer?

Could antivirus/security software be blocking PL6?

I found this

No problem on my Win 11 AMD CPU system.

also no problem here

I tested in 2 laptop one in win 10 and the other in win 11 and it works well.

Looks like your kernelbase.dll is corrupted or missing.

If you google for “windows kernelbase.dll défaillant” you will find many with that problem and approaches to fix it.

You can try this for a start:

Be careful not to download an dubious script recommended on sites you don’t trust.

Exactly the same issue here. PL 6.3 will not start. It briefly shows in Task Manager then exits with no errors and log entries. I’ve repaired, uninstalled and reinstalled many times under 2 different user profiles on my Win 10x64 system but still it won’t start.

I’ll try and downgrade to a previous version tomorrow.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.

But then why the V6.2 works?

I opened a ticket and after email exchanges I sent the requested files.
I keep you posted as soon as possible from the progress.

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Hello @Franky
what is the exact CPU model you are using and could you also give us the ticket number?

Hello @Barbara-S

My CPU is an Intel (R) Core ™ i5-760 @ 2.80GHz
My ticket number is #402468

I have the same problem, Win 10, yesterday after installing v6.3 everything was ok, and today it does not start, although the system shows that it works


Could you leave us a screenshot?

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To me it looks like running in the background, but have to leave it to those more knowledgeable with Windows’ internas.

( to avoid running the same thing twice I would close and (cold) start, but … )

I haven’t checked it yet, but it may be due to an avast update