PL6.1 : ReShape tool doesn't respect cropping

I want to point out something really weird with the new ReShape tool in PL6. Normally, I am still working in PL5 because of the colour space problems in PL6 but, in an attempt to rotate a cropped image, I accidentally exceeded the image area in the top left corner…

Capture d’écran 2022-12-03 à 11.28.53

So, I thought, let’s try the ReShape tool to just stretch that corner out.

Here is a screenshot of the crop tool after the rotation…

But here is a screenshot of the new reshape tool applied to that cropped image…

What!!! It seems the ReShape tool can only be used on an uncropped image and, what’s more, it seems to ignore lens distortion corrections.

Even though I was on the beta, this one slipped by me as I would have expected the ReShape tool to work with the visible, framed image. How on earth am I meant to be able to find the bit of the image that needs shifting when I can’t see the framing I want to work with?

So, that’ll be one more reason not to upgrade to PL6 for my serious work yet.

I was able to stretch out an image that was slightly rotated and PC’ed:

Lower edge drawn out:

Upper edge drawn out:

Crop and rotation remained perfect:

My procedure: Rotate and correct perspective, then crop, then reshape.
The current ReShape behavior suits my needs.

I’ve been using ReShape frequently. On Windows, at least, lens distortion corrections aren’t being ignored at all. When I turn on ReShape, the image stays exactly as it is - but as you have demonstrated, it does take away any cropping that has been applied. There are good reasons for this, so I don’t want this behavior to change. But I do wish the ReShape tool included an overlay that shows the cropped area so that we can make adjustments to fit it. That’s a must in my opinion. As it is right now, I need to keep turning ReShape on and off to see if I’ve completed my task - it adds a lot of time to the job.


I requested this during EA, but the request was ignored.

Joanna you must either do as Greg does here or you can always export to DNG(all corrections included to see the cropped image.

In my second screenshot above, I can see the what is necessary for my needs. Showing the crop boundaries could be helpful though.

I suppose just how severe the crop is and how much the image was rotated.

Look at my screen shot of Wolfgang’s crop and see where the corner boundary is that I wanted to eliminate.

I need a reshaping grid that stretches from corner to corner of the crop, at the angle of the crop, because that is the finished frame I want to trim to.

Then look at where the corners of the ReShape grid are in relation to the position and orientation of the cropped frame. There is no relationship or indication at all.

I believe DxO only ever tested this tool on “straightforward” cases in the middle of an image and, possibly didn’t even consider that folks might want to use it to fill in corners caused by rotation, especially such a strong crop/rotation as I have demonstrated.

I must apologise for not having thrown up this kind of situation in the beta.

We’ve seen some of the ReShape issues while testing. If I remember correctly, the RS grid adapts to the situation found when the tool is activated, but it does not necessarily adapt or show that situation. This issue was found in conjunction with optical and perspective corrections.

Your third screenshot shows a grid that remembers distortion corrections as far as I see from its bent outer lines.

In my test image, I did NOT apply any optical corrections, therefore the grid matched the perspective corrections that existed when I engaged ReShape.

With OC active, the ReShape grid assumes the OC, but the image below it shows different edges.

Another quirk to work around (or learn or to be added to the user guide…)

I see PL 6.1 is now available on Windows. It modifies ReShape so that the tool now shows the cropped area! Hooray!

Hopefully many more fixes and improvements will come soon.

and the same with the Retouch tool …

… and the same when in Local Adjustments mode.

Unfortunately, tho - when any of these tools are closed, it leaves the cropped image in a NOT fitted-to-screen state … which is a minor annoyance.

More here

John M

Further testing with PL6.1

  1. Here is a screenshot of the image in the crop tool, showing both crop and rotation…

  1. Now switch to the ReShape tool…

Note how the ReShape grid has aligned itself to the overall image, but apparently not taking into account distortion corrections, ignoring both the cropping and rotation.

  1. switch to a different grid granularity…

Now the grid is aligned to the cropped area (good) but covers the entire editing window, not just the cropped area, or even just the image area (bad)

  1. Reverting to the initial grid granularity, the alignment and coverage remain as for state 3…

Surely, if I want to use ReShape to adjust something small on a cropped image, I am not going to want to have to increase the granularity and fiddle with points somewhere in the middle of an editing area that is far too large?

Far better that the ReShape grid is, not only aligned to, but also sized to, the cropped image.

@Cecile-C Can someone give us some feedback on this?

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I see how this hurts when the crop is so significant - but for a minimal keystone crop or anything less severe, I find it pretty much essential that the grid cover the whole canvas. Just my two cents. The tool does need improvement.