PL6.1 (Mac) keyboard shortcuts do not work for labels

… or, at least, for some label colours.

  • ^⌥0 does nothing - should remove label
  • ^⌥6 does nothing - should activate Pink label
  • ^⌥7 activates Keep selection status - should activate Purple label

@Cecile-C this might be only minor but shouldn’t have made it into the release version, as it was discussed in the beta.

… the shortcuts worked as advertised on my Monterey/iMac.

Bildschirm 2022-12-08 um 19.53.12

control + option + numberkey (got the keyboard without numeric keypad)

@Cecile-C , the kb shortcuts aren’t listed in the respective help menu item.

Ah! But I’m using a Magic Keyboard 2 and the numbers on the main keypad, not the numeric keypad.

The odd thing is that, if I don’t press the shift key, I get the behaviour that I described but, if I follow strictly the hint on the popup menu for labels and only press the ^⌥ combination instead of ^⌥⇧, it would appear that those keystrokes are “sort of” valid(ish), except when they are not.


I also use a Magic Keyboard and I have the same behavior than @Joanna. As I find it is more convenient to use the numeric keypad, I had never experienced this problem. But this evening I made the test on a MacBook Pro… without the numeric keypad. And is is very anoying to use.