PL6.1 LR plugin not compatible?

After installing the update to PL 6.1 Elite, the PL plugin is deactivated in Lightroom and is displayed as incompatible. LR is the latest version with all updates.

It is fine here on an M1 iMac (Ventura) and Lr 12.1. Accessible from plug-in extras in Lr.

Even though DPL asked to install the plugin, Lightroom did not show it…until I restarted Lightroom.

Now, things work as expected with macOS Monterey on iMac 2019.

I use LR on Windows 10. How i can repair PL plugin for LR?

after update to PL 6.1.1 the LR plugin works now again.
closed for me.

In DPL, export to Lightroom and accept to install the plugin as proposed in the popup that should appear. Then, restart Lightroom.