PL5E current (Nikon Z9 support) crashes on MS Win 10 current

I just downloaded via DxO PL5E the latest current production release that now supports the Nikon Z9 for MS Win 10 current ( current: based upon auto- updates MS Win 10 does to keep MS Win 10 current). PL5E crashed after displaying the usual panels including the folder/file list and before I could open any file. I then downloaded the installer directly from the DxO download web site, instructed the DxO PL installer to remove DxO PL5, did a full restart of MS Win 10 (that should have corrected any MS Win registry issues left over by the uninstaller). did a full install from the PL5 installer (accepting default choices in all cases); again, PL5E crashed in the same manner. I note that although I requested a full remove and then a full install, PL5E did not ask for the PL5E license code, leading me to suspect that one or more PL5E files were “left over” after the full remove, reboot, and install. Each time PL5 has claimed to file a report of the crash, although I did not take a screen shot to record the long identification string used to reference each crash report. Any suggestions? MS Win 10 works as far as I can tell, including other applications both from MS and other sources.

Move your database to a temporary location and also delete your cache. I can’t remember where the default location is for the database because I put my database on a different disk for performance reasons. The cache will be in a similar location to your database.

Restart PL and it will create an empty database. This should fix the issue. I suspect the database or cache is possible causing issues.

The registration information I think is stored in the registry and not removed when PL is uninstalled.

How that helps.

I found the cache (I think), but not the “database”. I have attached a screenshot of the failure mode. Is there an MS Win command or GUI application that will list all files/locations associated with a program such as PL5E? Any suggestions?

The default location for both database and cache is C:users/user name/app data/local/DXO/ Photolab 5/

Look for a “Caflist” file and “cache” file and move them to a secure location. Restart the PC and try again.

the standard path on my system is
(but I moved both to a different location)

to search with Windows Explorer

Still crashes. I hope I have appended and attached the relevant data from the crashl

<?xml version="1.0"?>











-c__DisplayClass43_0.b__0() at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)]]>

DxO.PhotoLab-crash.txt (317.7 KB)


I know the reason of your crash - hidden filmstrip causes it. We are working on the fix and you can unhide your filmstrip as a workaround for now.

Svetlana G.


Thank you for the reply. I am surprised that in the beta testing of the current production release of PL5 that this issue was not discovered. I have done a web search as well as search within Z9 material (including the Z9 Guide from Hogan) for the term “hidden filmstrip” and found nothing. Is this a MS Windows, a Nikon Z9, or other “feature” and how does one “unhide” globally (may I assume that such a hidden filmstrip in any folder/directory read by PL5 would cause the crash)?

Should I restore the various “DxO systems” files that were recommended for backup and then removal?

Please reply.

After comparing the two (same named) “PL5_release-note_win_EN.pdf” (older version release 4730 to the new release 4732) I found as difference:
• Fixed an issue where the minimized filmstrip could cause a crash when launching the app
• Fixed an issue where the rotation of the splitter was not working in fullscreen mode

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Good morning,

The new #4732 build was released and it fixes this crash. So, please install it.

  • It’s not connected to the camera, it’s ‘image browser’ where you see the images when browsing the folder (bottom of the application).

Svetlana G.