PL5 (window) performance issue with local adjustments

I recently upgraded to PL5 (from PL4) and now I’m seeing severe PL5 performance issues (i.e. the app hangs for minutes) when I create or alter local adjustments - I never saw this on PL4 running on the same hardware (see below). This is making PL5 unusable for me.

Hardware spec:

  • Core i7-9850H (2.6GHz, 6 cores)
  • 64GB RAM
  • Windows 10
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Please tell us what you are doing that is slow so we can more easily help you.

  1. Open an image in the “Customize” tab
  2. Click on “Local Adjustments”
  3. Added a Control Line
  4. Added blur to the control line
  5. Attempted to move the control line, and PL5 “thinks” for an extended time!
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Must admit I have been seeing similar on my M1 iMac. Once I add a control point things start to get a bit erratic and jerky. It is not a smooth experience.

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Indeed, and it’s not limited to my example of a control line - I had the same slowdown when adding a couple of grad filters to the image instead of the control line. PL4 handles this much better.

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What’s strange is that it was not always so. It just seems to be slowly bogging itself down. The chroma/luma sliders really seem erratic and creating a selection is not a great experience. I am now trying to do all my masking outside of PL5.

I wonder if your video card is a factor. I get some slowness with some local adjustments, too, but not minutes of waiting for PL to respond. What video card are you using, and are the drivers up-to-date?

no problem here – maybe try

Screen Shot 12-07-21 at 06.44 PM

I do not have the “Always prefer high quality previews” set and have never had an issue with performance. I do have “Enable OpenCL” set though.

Good morning @adamh128 ,

  • This is not OK if it’s really minutes and not expected. Please, create a support ticket via as a lot of additional info can be requested.

Svetlana G.

My video card is Nvidia Quadro T1000.

@ everybody – try the new PL 5.1.0 version if the problem still exists.