PL5 vs C1 with Fuji

Hi all,
Just started using Fuji together with my Canon and wanted to share some insights from PL5 compared to Capture One Express that is suggested by Fuji (and free).
C1 has a built-in film simulation but all the RAF files are imported using the default camera applied film simulation (e.g if you shoot Acros the RAF will also use Acros). DXO imports RAF files directly ‘as is’ so it’s a much better workflow in my opinion.
C1 seems to add noise reduction to both RAF and Jpegs which is pretty good, to be honest. In DXO you must apply noise reduction to both RAF and Jpegs to get more or less the same results.
Small ‘pulling/ pushing’ adjustment. DXO is far better when it comes to recovering highlights. C1 adds a blue hue when reducing highlights (see screenshots).
All in all, I am very pleased with DXO’s RAF management. It reduces the need for other tools. Hopefully, DXO will incorporate the Fuji’s film simulation under the Colour Rendering tool (see sample from C1).

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It’s available with FilmPack 6…

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Just not as many.

Thanks @Joanna, I didn’t even realize I had Film Pack in PL5. I thought I had to buy it separetly.

Yes you have to, because Filmpack 6 is a separate product

… but it gets integrated into PL5 when installed :wink:

However, the FilmPack Fuji simulations are different than the ones shown in C1.


More precisely, FilmPack 5 and 6 are already integrated into PhotoLab 5 without having to install any extra software. You can activate the extra tools and color renderings through the Help menu if you have a license key for FilmPack. (The same goes for ViewPoint 3’s integration in PhotoLab.)


I don’t understand. do I have FilmPack 6 within PL5 or not?
In PL5 I can see Film Pack 6 essentials but I also have the option to activate Film Pack using a code. So it’s confusing as hell…I missed the 50% FP now as I don’t know if I have it or not.

You have to buy Film Pack 6 separately. You don’t automatically get it when you buy PL 5.

The DXO site still shows everything on sale at 50% off for 19 more hours (in the US).

FP6 is integrated into PL5 but you have to buy a license for FP6 and activate it from within PL5 in order to use the integrated features in PL5. You also get the standalone/ plug-in version when you buy a license for FP6 at no extra cost.

Just to expand on what Mark posted. FilmPack 6 is integrated in PL5 but its features are not visible without an activation code which requires the purchase of a license.

Mark .

OK… got it. I purchased FP6 and can run it standalone. However, it seems like it’s better to NOT activate it in PL5 as you get access to the entire FP list. After activating I only have access to the ‘Essential’ list that I purchased. I am not sure how much I need the settings under the ‘Effects’ panel. To be honest, the entire FP needs to be under the Effects panel but that’s a different issue.

FP6 standalone doesn’t support Fuji RAF files but it does within PL5. strange. I will check if there is a ticket in FP channel.

Did you purchase only the Essential version of FP6? I assure you that all features of FP6 are included in the PL5 Elite version. So if you purchased FP6 Elite you will get all of those features included in FP6 Elite within PL5 Elite. I agree that it is very confusing. :crazy_face:

Based on a concurrent thread @migo33 indicated he purchased FP 6 Essential although it is not clear why he decided to purchase that version with its much fewer features and film types.


Yes, that’s a shame. The Elite version contains his desired Fuji X-Trans support in the standalone/plug-ins as well as all the other great features in the Elite version. Poor choice.

Here is the difference between the two versions. The additional cost of around $27 USD for Elite during the Cyber Monday sale gives you a whole lot more value.


Yes quite a big difference, especially the Advanced Contrast sliders. I couldn’t live without them. I assume that price $42.50 is the BF price for the FP6 Essential upgrade. What’s the price for the Elite upgrade, do you know?

I have no idea what the upgrade from Essential to Elite costs. The Black Friday 50% off sale for the Essential version is $42.50 USD and the cost of Elite is $69.50 USD, a difference of only $27 during the 1/2 price sale. It is unfortunate that he decided to go with the Essential version. If I were him I would purchase the Elite version right now while it still is on sale and hope that DXO will refund him for the Essential version.

Mark. .

No, I wasn’t asking about FP6 Essential upgrade to FP6 Elite. I was asking about FP5 Elite to FP6 Elite, so you answered my question. :smiley:

Yes, I agree. Buy Elite at BF price while he still can and hope for refund on essential.