PL5 Tiff Exports has two pages

Does anyone know how I can export a tiff without the extra page containing the thumbnail?


What do you mean by extra page?


Are you using the NIK collection somewhere in your workflow before exporting?

I can confirm this behaviour on a Mac

Export a file to TIFF and then open it in Preview

Note that the second file appears small and is, in fact, only 250px x 153px, which when zoomed in, looks like this…

Same here on my Mac. But only for TIFF.

I started digging on the ExifTool forums and found…

exiftool -ifd1:all= -m Your_file_name

successfully removes the second minuscule thumbnail.

Although I would still like to see PL not producing it.


Viewing a tiff with irfanview showed me always two images: the original and the thumbnail.
It might be not what you want that the thumbnail is shown as an independent image but what about an image without a thumbnail?


Interesting. That doesn’t occur on the Windows version.


It doesn’t happen with pl. It happens with some image browsers. It depends how they show the tiff file. Tiff files directly from my camera, D700, are shown as 2 pages in irfanview too.


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This only happens for me when using NIK’s non-destructive reediting feature.

I think you’ll find it does. First use Windows File Explorer to find a TIFF exported from PL then open that file with the native Win 10 photo viewer app. The full version will be displayed but look closely, underneath the image it says Page 1 of 2. When you click the arrow to progress to page 2 you’ll see the small thumbnail version. Alternatively, if you open the file with IrfanView then again the main image is displayed by default but if you roll the mouse wheel or use the down arrow on the main toolbar you will see the thumbnail.

I’ve used PL for years and never realised this was a feature until now.

It looks like you can’t.

I’m not at home right now to test this.
Are you suggesting there is a second, separate file for this thumbnail? If so what is its file extension?


This does not happen on my Windows 10 installation. I don’t have IrfanView but I do have FastStone IV(which does read multiple-page TIFFs) and see no 2-page TIFFs except those from NIK.

It’s not due to pl. My tiff file direct from my camera does contain 2 pages. I think that’s normal for a tiff.


Yes, I have this too …

In PL5, I exported the very same raw-file (Nikon D750)

  • straight as Tiff
  • as well to Nik CEP4
    (saved there as ‘single layer’ and without changes).

  • The direct export from PL generated an additional small pic, *)
    which was visible in FastPictureViewer and IrfanView,
    but interestingly not in FastStone Image Viewer.

  • The export via Nik CEP4 didn’t produce an additional pic.

Reading @George’s comment I tried the very same with a different raw-file (Lumix LX100)


Well, the raw-files usually come with an embedded jpg, which maybe then is kept / transferred (?).

*) Nikon NX Studio also generates an additional small pic
**) screenshot corrected

Sorry, I’m not seeing it, Just so you know it is not from a lack of experience, I’ve been a Windows user and software developer since 1992. I have exported hundreds of Tiff files from PhotoLab throughout the last five years and have never see this. Are you referring to the Windows Photo App? Some other app? I’m wondering if whatever viewer you are using may be adding thumbnail files to speed up browsing and searching .


Many apps that create TIFF files will take advantage of the ability to store multiple pages in them. I usually find a thumbnail on the second page. But scanned documents can also be saved as multi-page TIFFs. It’s important to know that not all TIFF viewers display multi-page files. IrfanView does on Windows. That’s how I found out that all of my .TIF files from photo editors have a thumbnail in them.

Thank you all for your feedback. Sorry if I missed anyone’s question. I do have a workaround solution, so this is not a big issue.


I shoot raw in my camera. I then process the raw with PL5, ACDSee or both. I had assumed that if I process the raw from PL5, then the second page in the Tiff file is coming from the PL5 export. However, I’m not too sure about this.