PL5 processed file but linear dng says'unprocessed' ( help!)

Clearly I am doing something wrong. I open a RAW image and apply only the presets for optical corrections and for Deep Prime. Then I export to disk using the standard .dng (optical +denoising) and the file processes, I get the green check mark on the Raw file & when I hover the cursor over it it says its status is ‘processed’. However the .dng file shows as ‘unprocessed’ and has the mark ion the upper right corner warning about not all corrections being available in a.dng file. When I open the two files neither show the effects of deep prime that were shown in the small window of that module. This has happened with Raw files from cameras that I have run through PL4 &5 in the past and I have confirmed that both lenses and cameras are supported by PL. Have I missed a step?

Hi Cathy,

A better terminology than “Processed” would be “Exported from”. When you export the linear DNG from the RAW then the RAW file has been processed. The DNG will not say processed until you make some adjustments to it and export from it. You’ve already used DeepPRIME and lens corrections when you exported the DNG therefore you are prevented from double-applying them to a file exported from the DNG.

You will never see the effects of DP on the RAW file but they should be very apparent in the DNG.

I don’t think I can answer your question, but I can offer a few observations. I repeated your exercise in PL5e, PL6e CL, and PL6e WG in my Win 11 PC set-up. In each case the exported dng files when brought back into PL were denoised properly. The notifications and warnings you describe are all standard and do not indicate that anything has gone awry. With regard to the original RAW file, the effects of denoising are seen only in an exported file, JPG, TIFF, or dng. Maybe someone else will chime in and point to what might be going on. Perhaps you could say whether you are on a MAC or PC – maybe there’s a clue there.

From a PhotoLab point of view, the freshly imported DNG file is marked as unprocessed because it has not been exported yet.

A few corrections are unavailable, because they cannot be applied to linear DNG files. Example: DxO DeepPRIME denoising is one of the operations that are applied during demosaicing. Linear DNG files have already been demosaiced. This is recognized by PhotoLab, which then lights the “not all corrections available” lamp.

rrblint, eriepa & platypus: Thank you to each of you for replying and for the valuable info each of you has given to me and likely to others as well/
I thought that the RAW file would not show the effects of the denoising/demosaicing or optical corrections but I was definitely perplexed by the terminology describing the .dng as ‘unprocessed’ so the explanations Mark gave were so helpful. eriepa’s assurance that nothing was awry and the warning are standard. (Here I have to say it would be helpful if DxO would insert a pop up that said exactly which corrections are not available in a linear .dng file!)
Finally, having platypus include the excellent explanation from the German website about RAW conversions and linear .dngs. I have bookmarked all of you replies.

I also must confess to my own careless mistake: I saw no effects on the DNG files because I was looking at the WRONG ones. I had my own shots in one folder and a bunch of shots of the same event taken by someone using my camera in a subfolder so I was not looking at the linear DNGs that I had done and which I can now confirm do definitely show the corrections I applied as presets! Despite this mistake on my part I am glad it happened because I did nop t previously understand what the terminology used by DxO meant and it has always bothered me so you have brought clarity and a greater understanding of the program.

I really appreciate the help!