PL5 no reaction on Fast-Compare while local-adjustment is activ

I tried it with PL4: there it works.
If I have the local-Adjustment tool activ, a click on the left “Fast-Compare” button has no effect…

Actually it does have an affect. When Local Adjustments are active, the compare tool defaults to “All corrections except Local Adjustments”. If you didn’t actually make any local adjustments you won’t see any changes. Look at the drop down menu next to the compare button. I believe It works the same way in PL 4.

Mark .


@wilsberg – it works here in PL4 and 5.

Let’s say, there is a Masterfile and two VC – the masterfile in original size and VC 1 and 2 as two different crops.
With Local Adjustments active and VC 1 highlighted, I can compare it with VC 2 as well with the uncropped masterfile, while keeping size / position from the highlighted VC1 … very handy.

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Thank you, that makes sense to me;-)