PL5 Keywords from previous version

Didn’t seem to find anything on this in the feedback. Just installed PL5 and keywords set up in PL3 don’t show up in PL5 with one exception and that keyword is incorrect; i.e. the image shown by the single “carried over” keyword is wrong. Should I sync data to solve or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Hello @AlAry ,

Well, PL5 does not automatically migrate PL3 database and keywords are stored exactly there. So, please, try to restore your PL3 database into PL5 and you should see your keywords.

In case you still experience a problem, please provide us with your logs and database (upload it via

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Much thanks for the info. OK, got it. Now since I added new images under PL5 I assume the restore would take things back to what was in the PL3 database. Just checking to be sure so I can decide the best course to take.

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