PL5 issues after Lightroom Classic update

Hi, downloaded PL5 last week and love it. It was never exactly quick to open an edited image in LRC but it was straightforward, right-click the image and select export to Lightroom. Wait 30s or so until it does its stuff and then the image opens in LRC develop.

But LRC updated last week and now it won’t open via that option. I can get it to open via export to application and choosing LRC, but then it opens the LRC library. You have to find the right image in the library and then go to develop. Much clunkier workflow and still a wait before LRC opens even in library.


Good morning @skwalker,

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce your issue. Could you, please, provide us with your logs?
( Log files – %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 5 logs)

Thank you
Svetlana G.