PL5 Installation Bug

Up until PL5 I have never had a problem with the installation process, including on the laptop with its current configuration. And just for the record for those who think this laptop doesn’t have enough resources, here are the specs are at the bottom of this post.

The Installation start fine but hang for literally several days (has stalled as long as 4 days), halfway in the ‘Remove Backup File’ process. See attached image.

Screenshot 2021-12-25 113319

The actual installation seems to be finished because I get the new shortcuts (not where I keep moving it to in my preferred location on the desktop), and the application starts up and runs perfectly, all while the Installation continues to drag its heals in actually finishing.

So what has changed since PL4?


Current Specs:
Intel Core i7-9750H, 32Gb RAM
Windows 10 ver 21H1
2x 1Tb SSD (the second is mostly software cache)
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 6Gb VRAM

Hi and welcome!

I would have never waited so long. And did you ever try to install again?

The process of removing backup files takes a long time for me, but I mean only 2-3 minutes with an SSD. I wonder what the installer is doing during that time. Presumably, a series of post-install clean-up tasks.

I don’t remember if DxO produces an installation log in your Documents folder. But you could at least run the Event Viewer and see if there’s anything in the System or Application logs there that points to a problem with your storage drive or Windows environment. Also, I suggest using a hard drive utility to perform a SMART check on your storage devices.

Good morning @BrBarry and welcome to the forum!

  • Nothing has been changed. But it looks like installation in your case was started twice at the same time. Can I ask you to uninstall the application and try to install it again?

If the issue is reproducible again, please provide me with the installation logs (“photolab5_install_log.log” and “photolab5_installer_bootstrap_log.log”) from %LocalAppData%\Temp

Thank you
Svetlana G.