PL5 - image not shown and required modules not being identified


Weird issue with Photolab 5. The preview images are never shown and the required development modules are not being identified from the image. This applies to any file I’ve tried, raw (CR3) or even jpg.

I’ve tried the usual tricks of uninstalling/reinstalling, restarts, etc but no luck. I’ve set up the images in fresh folders without sidecars but no luck. The images display correctly in PL4.

I’ve contacted support but to date have yet to hear anything back so thought I’d post here in case anyone was able to offer any insights. My system is an M1 Mac Mini. I’ve tried it both on Big Sur and then Monterey but no luck.

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing what is happening.


I’m having exactly the same issue but with Olympus ORF raw files.

The info on the image shows it is in a DropBox folder. Do you get the same problem in a “normal” folder?

The issue is the same no matter where the folder is. Here’s a screenshot showing the problem with a DXO sample jpg in the pictures folder.

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I’ve had a couple of responses from support. The first asking about the image location (cloud etc). And the second suggesting a reinstall and deleting the PL5 database. No luck with either of these.

To me it seems clear that the image metadata is not being correctly read so PL5 doesn’t know what todo with it. Here’s hoping I get further insight from support soon.

Have you had any updates from DXO, I lodged a ticket a week ago and still no reply, not impressed with the customer service? Cheers Lee

I have the same problem where photo appeared in Photolibrary but cannot shown to work in Customize.

It happened on both of my computers, an iMac 2019 with i9 and 64 GB of ram running MacOS Monterey, while another, the latest M1 MacBook Pro also on MacOS Monterey.

However, this problem does not appeared in my copies of PhotoLab 4 to both computers.

I am now using the trial version of Photolab 5 and hope to have an answer before I purchase the upgrade version.

No update from support. I’ve provided them with sample images and diagnostic files. Last I heard back was on the 19th Nov acknowledging the issue but no resolution timeframes. Very frustrating.

Support has often not been the best, I have often had problems sorted by forum
members and DxO staff here befor geting any where with support. Others have reported good outcomes, but with a new very buggy version I think they are swamped, I have a number of open tickets one many months old and at times you do get the feeling it’s hoped you will go away rather than them sort out the problems.

Looks like this is fixed in the latest release. From the change log I don’t think it was handling daylight saving correctly here in New Zealand - UTC+13

Thanks for the info, that has indeed fixed it. Thought support may have let me know but it’s fixed so good outcome.