PL5 Hanging When using Nik Collection 3 Silver Effex

I wondered if anyone else has run into this (I’ve raised a support ticket with DxO).

I have been using PL5 and the NIK Silver Effex 3 products. On several occasions I have managed to get PL5 to hang, and the only way to then close the program is to force its closure with the Windows Task Manager. The circumstances when this occurs have been the same each time:

  • I launch PL5 and select an image to process in the Filmstrip
  • I then launch Silver Effex from within PL5 (using the Filmstrip’s “Nik Collection” toolbar button)
  • I make some selections within Silver Efffex
  • I select Apply to apply the changes and return to PL5
  • While the changes are being applied I select the exported TIFF (that was created when I launched Silver Effex) in the PL5 Filmstrip - at this point PL5 hangs
  • Note this does not happen if I wait until the Silver Effex “Apply” has finished (as can be detected by the Filmstrip thumbnail of the exported TIFF changing from its inital colour image to a B&W one).

Old Groucho joke: Guy goes to the doctor, says “Doc it hurts when I do this”. Doc replies “Don’t do that”. :rofl:

Seriously though, are you using NIK 3(which confusingly has Silver Efex 2) or NIK 4 which has Silver Efex 3?

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Yes, you have to wait until the tif-file gets ‘updated’. :slight_smile:

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Good morning!

I’ve tried your scenario several times with SilverEfex 3 but with no success - each time it works ok. So most probably it’s connected to your workflow or PC or image+corrections and support will ask you to provide additional info.

Svetlana G.

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