PL5 font is too hard to read

I was watching a PL4 how-to video and the font used is much brighter (white or very light grey) than my trial version of PL5. Due to very low contrast between font and background, it is annoyingly hard to read. I looked under preferences to see if this was user defined but found nothing to help. Why is there such a big difference between PL4 and PL5 readability? Can I change the font color to white like in PL4?


PL5 offers no means to modify GUI type colour. My workaround is to build my presets with tools that I might want to use, set to active (which improves the type) and neutral (no effect), e.g like shown below.

Hi @tpytlarz

that’s all correct. If you search for GUI, user interface, contrast you will find a long history of post for this theme :-1:


Thanks, platypus. I don’t quite understand how I make them active for all images rather than just the one I’m working on. And, I don’t see “neutral” anywhere.

I am guessing that you are forgoing the “groups” like LIGHT and pulling out only those tools you work with by clicking them “on” (blue square). But for me that only turns on the tool for that image only, not for every image I go to. I’ll keep working on it.

I select all images and apply the preset. From there on, all selected images will show with tools switched on. The neutral position of a tool depends on the tool itself. Set exposure compensation to 0 and exposure will not be changed, although the tool is activated.

The screenshot only shows active tools because of the blue switch that you mention. I eliminated palette titles by putting all tools into one new palette. This makes finding tools more difficult in the beginning, but it saves me from scrolling a lot.

I’ve posted my workspace settings in the forum. You can find the settings here:

OK. I get it. Thanks!